How does one move past heartbreak?

You know the type of heartbreak I speak of, when your lover ends a relationship through a variety of ways. You can spend weeks, months perhaps years wondering why this occurred. Through looking through the ego mind, answers will never be available to you. The question becomes unanswered and you have succeeded in burying it deep within your consciousness.

Heartbreak and betrayals are part of our human experience. No one escapes this, and we are not supposed to escape those feelings of being deprived of love. Our world shatters in an instant when a love one dies or we discovered our mate has been having an affair. We wonder where the justice is for us, when we have devoted our total being to loving.

We innocently embrace the victim role, for after all we must be with the tragedies we have encountered. Any one in our situation would be considered a victim, so why should we be different?

Loving as we mature from early childhood seems more complicated and full of conditions. Our sweet innocent child now has been crushed by different degrees of heartbreak. Our first true love, which eventually faded into the dust, took us by surprise. We were innocent and thought love was to be forever. It is the first interval we cross in the realm of heart ache. It is the first death of the innocent within us. Perhaps it was not romantic love, but a lost of a parent, grandparent or sibling that shook our innocence. Either way we come to a place were we meet the first betrayal of our heart. Something is taken away, and we realize not everything stays the same. It is our first experience with meeting death at the door, though not our death, but of another or a situation.

There are no answers to how or why things happen to our conscious self, yet there is an answer which is contained in our Spirit. We are always spirit, and human consciousness is a by product of our spiritual expression on earth. Our spirit knows the reasons we experience these little deaths. It is part of our experience of being human.

Betrayal is an ego condition, which we loathed. Yet if we chosen to learn how it felt, would we not had introduced the situation to teach us? Would not the people who are involved accepted to do this to us in our pre-planning of our human existence?

We are here to learn many things that are related to the emotional factor. We are to learn to embrace our pain and not hide it, nor react from it. It is a growing tool. We all been subject to heartbreak and betrayal, with the biggest betrayal we feel is coming from God. God would not do this to us, if we were loved. The separation from God in our human form only fabricates our delusional reality. Until we move past this theory of not being connected, we will always blame something or someone for the injustices put upon us.

To move past this conditional thought, we must again reconnect to the Cosmic Being. How do we? By accepting that we are here to learn a wide range of emotions, and the only way possible is through actual experience. God is not punishing anyone. We are not victims of God. We are victims of our own self-delusional ego’s importance. We forgot that we signed up for this life in all the areas we have experienced. The reason behind that is to educate our soul. We are free to move past this training after we have learned. It is up to us, as always.

Has love made you feel broken and betrayed? Than accept this is a major lesson you are learning now. Thank the person who did this to you, and begin to understand the why of the lesson. Lastly, if you remind yourself constantly that your soul needs to grow and learn, than these hard lessons become wonderful tools to help you on your own spiritual path.

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