My Dear Soul…

You and I have rubbed along nicely for many years now, so many years in fact that I will not say, as a true lady never divulges her age. Now, we have had our rows when my brain told me to be strong, or my heart waltzed on through life regardless of what ever happened. We have shared ups and downs, had our troubles, especially when the happy pills stopped working. You remember don’t you when I wanted to go one way and you another, we couldn’t agree? But, despite all of this you kept me grounded. You told brain to visualize my dreams, you nurtured my heart when it felt fit to burst, but most of all, you offered me insight and the confidence to grow.

Do you remember the many times that I questioned my beliefs, the many arguments I had with my faith? The times when I loved and lost, and all those times I allowed people into my life. You talked to me and told me to be steady. “Don’t make rash judgements that will come back and bite you on the ass”, you said. Did I listen, no I never did?

My heart has always over ruled my head, you told me so. And yes, you were correct. Brain taught me to dream and live with my own demons, huh, how many times have my little demons stopped by to play? You were there, always tightly in control of the reigns. Oh how I wanted to shout and cry and play the woman scorned, but did you allow me too? No indeed you didn’t. Just as my little claws came out to scratch at the surface of pain, you reined me in, whispering in my ear. Tapping on my shoulder before banging my head on a brick wall, you told me self pity is not an admirable trait. Jealousy is an ugly emotion, and fear is the sad state of affairs that I alone put myself into. Soul you are my wisdom.

Oh, I still dream of the impossible. I still fantasize about the handsome Knight on the white charger, but soul tells me “knowing you as I do, he will be riding a chestnut mare in season and get unceremoniously dumped in the manure, his suit of shining Armour turning to rust.” Brain wants to challenge his thinking and answers “a rusty suit of Armour is better than no suit of Armour,” and as for heart, she just blinks and flashes the arteries in the hope of a sexual conquest.

My dear soul, you have schooled me well, because today I still leave my heart open and my brain still tells me to tread carefully, but you my friend; your knowledge and wisdom keeps me alive.

My eyes show me what my brain tells me I cannot have. My heart beats like the rhythm of a drum, bump bump, bump bump, especially at the thought of tenderness and love, but you my soul are the ears to my world, my cradle of life and my giver of reason; the very reason why I love to love as I do.

Don’t ever allow me to dry up and become bitter, I might just miss something wonderful and powerful, or and my knight in shining Armour may only turn out to be a fool in the dust.

I love my soul, and I love the souls of all my dear friends whose love and support gives my soul strength to keep teaching me.

Do you love your soul? Here is to soul loving every day in every way, and for as long as we all remain on this planet Earth, which we call home.

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