Love is a river that runs indefinitely and though a river eventually finds an ocean to become ONE, it is not without form. Love can be like a hummingbird, tranquil, soothing and entertaining, yet it can be like a never ending nightmare. It can make you anxious, frustrated, hesitant, persistent, moody, impatient and for lack of a better term, emotional. However, you can feel at peace when you love unconditionally, as it will make you happy, sincere, balanced, caring, and free. Furthermore, with understanding of self, trust and respect alleviates the discomfort you may feel when love has you feeling dismayed. Love is a process of growing while learning about yourself and others. Love is not being controlled by negative occurrences and outcomes. Love is knowing that you can only be affected by negativity if you allow yourself to be influenced by outside forces.

To be loyal, you first have to be true to yourself. Loyalty is being courageous and strong, being able to resist and eradicate negative trials, tribulations, and vibes to remain mired with self and truth. Loyalty should not only be revered in relationships, it should be a guide to living a long, prosperous and error free life. We have all been given free will, which is a matter of right or wrong, good or evil, truth or lie. Therefore, we were all created perfect, just a matter of choices. A perfect person is loyal to self and truth. No one needs to tell you not to kill, as you do not want to die, no one needs to inform you that you shouldn’t mislead others down a path of evil for personal gain, as you do not want to be misled, no one needs to tell you to be honest, as you do not want anyone lying to you, no one needs to tell you that suffering is wrong, as you do not want to suffer, and so on… Always make choices that uplift LIFE and treat others the way you want to be treated, thereby displaying loyalty, peace and unconditional love.

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