Living with happiness is not always easy. We need to smile at our self to be able to be truly happy. When you find yourself feeling down and out, go to your mirror and give yourself a smile.

This may sound crazy and you may think it won’t work; it won’t hurt to try it out, if for no other reason but general purposes. The greatest lesson I ever had in my life was that day I was told to smile every time I hurt, every time I wanted to cry, every time I was bored, yes, every time I felt down and out for any reason, I was told to smile. It was not easy at first, I kept at it, day after day I did it. Then, one day I found myself smiling without trying, without thinking, I was just smiling to smile and it felt so good. I felt so good. From that day till now I pass this lesson on to everyone who is not smiling, everyone who needs a lift in life for any reason.

So, smile! :)

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