The very life and soul to create the world you want for yourself rest in the power of the thought and the word, It isn’t anything new. It has been around for thousand of years. Hermes spoke about it in The Kybalion and in the letters he left for his children.

Thoughts are electrical impulses that generate energy. A dark thought is heavy, slow and many times hard to control once its intent is focused on a given target or linked to a purpose. It attracts the same kind and reinforces the previous thoughts making it harder and harder to control.

The word or words spoken stimulated by thoughts have the power of manifesting what they were intended to. The stronger the intent, the sooner a manifestation materializes. Consistency and flow determine how soon.

On the other hand, a positive, bright thought is light, very fast and needs to be properly channeled in order to control it for a specific purpose or intent, but the materialization undergoes the very same process than with a dark thought.

Do you know what the difference is? The difference is the effect caused by the process set in motion. Obviously, both are hard to control and that is the reason why the control process must be slow, consistent and fluent.

It is easier for people to abandon themselves to a depressing feeling, but in doing so they generate more energetic weight thus making it harder to let go. That´s why fighting back is a titanic task once negativity sets in. Am I making myself clear?

Let me illustrate it for you: Suppose you have worked hard to achieve a goal, but for some reason, things slow down and you must wait.

Your first reaction is to complain, your mind begins to wander, out of complaining you utter swear words, then you get irritated; you comment the situation with a friend and most likely than not, your friend will reinforce your frustration. Am I right so far?

It becomes a vicious circle and the goal begins to slip away between your fingers. Does it ring a bell? Yes, I know, been there, done that! It took a lot of pain to get it through my head, but I finally did it. So, I am trying to spare you that pain.

“The individual who is capable of maintaining a fixed mental picture in his imagination without allowing it to be erased by other thoughts, will achieve marvels, as mind is matter and matter is mind ; that is, energy and matter are different manifestations of mind” John Baines- The Secret Science

Now, remember that your mind is a channel of theUniversal Mind; that is, God’s Mind. It means that the energy you are tapping into is the most powerful energy in the universe. Do you understand the far reaching effect of this?

Most people do not realize this fact, even worse, they do not believe in it. What you believe in is what becomes true for you. You have the magic wand, you are the magician, the wizard; however, if you do not believe in your power, which is God’s Power, no magick is possible.

When the word is uttered, it has already been energized by the thought and intent has been set into motion. For this reason, speaking without thinking is so dangerous. You generate energy that hasn´t been qualified and it will increase its power as it finds similar vibrations in the field.

I wish you understood how critical this is. It can work both ways, the choice is yours, but to be able to control your energy yourattentionmust be focused. There are many ways to train you to develop focused attention. Below you will find a video to help you work it out.

The quality of your power will depend upon your faith in such power. When a human being begins to glorify himself/herself, claiming to be the source of power, everything goes awry. That is the reason why true magicians, wizards, masters, are humble, silent and never ostentatious.

You must understand that you are a channel. The Power belongs to God, and because, a spark of God dwells within you, it is possible to channel such power. Here your attitude is paramount. Be humble, recognize inwardly that you are a channel and do not glorify yourself.

Here you find one of the most capital reasons for failure using the Law of Attraction: Spoken words do not match the intent. You must let the power flow by releasing it to The Source. It is then, and only then that true power flows freely, and you become burden free to focus on maintaining the right attitude.

Do not be deceived; only resistance causes suffering and failure. When you let go, the Divine Intelligence within you will bring forth manifestation in a selfless way, thus benefiting everyone involved.

If you try to control the outcome as your human mind sees it, someone will not receive benefit, and for logical consequence, you create a void that will be filled by your own rewards, as the “boomerang” law returns to strip you from them. Your selfish approach created instant karma and your dues are collected from your own benefits because you are the ill-creator.

You see? That is the consequence of ill-gotten benefits, assets or goods. You need to think in terms of sharing, in terms of community. Abundance is everybody’s God given right, you cannot monopolize it. If you do, the results are an inevitable loss of what you got in the first place.

Cogitate, meditate, and delve in it deeply. Do not take this advice lightly, take heed of the signs, you’ll be ever grateful you did.

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  1. Although, Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

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